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A writing, editing, and consulting service that creates original material, edits your existing documents, designs your printed pages, and advises you about your projects.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are non-profit corporations, small businesses, individual authors, technical manufacturers, professional organizations, public relations firms...anyone who recognizes the need for high quality written, printed and web-based tools to help them meet their communication and marketing objectives.


What services de we offer?


We edit both non-technical and technical documents for Web or print publishing.



Brochures are important tools for communicating key information about your products and services to the public. The skillful blend of photographs, charts, graphics and prepared text delivers a powerful message to your targeted audience while adding significantly to your name recognition and sales.



Newsletters inform your customers, donors, colleagues and friends about your latest products, services, programs, seminars and ideas. Excellent writing and creative formatting make your newsletter stand out in the crowd!


Press releases

Press releases must contain facts and not "fluff" to catch an editor’s eye. Precise, efficient writing is a must to get your product into print!


White Papers/Position Pieces

Well-written “Case for…” papers interest the reader in your technology solutions or services. If you include theory and application information, an editor is more likely to use a piece in its entirety or as a sidebar within a longer article.


Case histories

Case histories need certain ingredients to work as credible, useful stories rather than mere product sales pitches. Clear solutions to specific problems are what the reader is looking for.





For more info:

Phone: 215-348-3257