Books/publications by Ken Labs


Kenneth Labs. The Architectural Use of Underground Space: Issues and Applications, 1975, Washington University Master's Thesis, St. Louis, MO; Mechaniscville, PA; Doylestown, PA (2008). Free download.

Kenneth Labs. ORNL/Sub-81/40451/1: Regional Analysis of Ground and Above-Ground Climate (December 1981).


R. Sterling, G. Meixel, L. Shen, K. Labs, T. Bligh. ORNL/Sub/84-00240/1: Assessment of the Energy Savings Potential of Building Foundations Research (January 1985).


Raymond Sterling, George Meixel, Lester Shen, Kenneth Labs, Thomas Bligh. ORNL/Sub/85-27497/1: Assessment of the Energy Savings Potential of Building Foundations Research, Summary Report (November 1986).


Kenneth Labs, John Carmody, Raymond Sterling, Lester Shen, Yu Joe Huang, Danny Parker. ORNL/Sub/86-72143/1: Building Foundation Design Handbook (May 1988).


John Carmody, Jeffrey Christian, Kenneth Labs. ORNL/CON-295: Builder's Foundation Handbook (May 1991).


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Climatic Design: Energy-Efficient Building Principles and Practices, Donald Watson, Kenneth Labs, McGraw-Hill (February 1993)


Passive Cooling, International Passive and Hybrid Cooling Conference (1981 Miami Beach), Eugene Clark, Kenneth Labs, University of Miami School of Engineering and Architecture, United States Office of Solar Applications for Buildings Passive and H, Arthur Bowen


The image of Clifton Heights: A visual analysis (Unknown Binding), Kenneth Labs, 1974.


The Southeast Square of Philadelphia: An evolutionary history, Kenneth B Labs (Unknown Binding), 1973)


Passive Solar: Subdivisions, Windows, Underground, Herb Wade, Jeffrey Cook (Editor), Ken Labs (Editor), Steve Selkowitz (Editor), 1983


Contributor to Earth Sheltered Housing Design: Guidelines, Examples, and References (Part B), The Underground Space Center, University of Minnesota, 1979; Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1979; LOC #78-25555; ISBN 0-442-28821-2 (paperback) and ISBN 0-442-26157-8 (cloth).

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