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Wayne Labs is currently Senior Technical Editor of Food Engineering Magazine. Find current articles by searching Food Engineering for "Wayne Labs"

Electronic Design

February 16, 2006, "Redefining the Workstation"

October 20, 2005, "The Shifting Design Cycle"

June 9, 2005, "Do Your Homework When Outsourcing Design Services"

Feb. 17, 2005, "Latest Scopes Look To Satisfy Engineer Wish Lists"

Sept. 13, 2004, "Now Is The Time To Strategize The Future of Engineering"

June 14, 2004, "Tomorrows Winners: Alternate Energy"

Food Engineering

January, 2006, "Machine control: Still islands of automation?"

November, 2005, "Integrating CIP and Process Control"

October, 2005, "Process Control Performance Management"

May, 2005, "Think of 21 CFR as win-win"

"Controls and Interfaces Give Your Process a Boost," March, 2005

"Know Your Flow," Aug, 2004


January, 2006, "A spoonful of industrial computers"

October, 2005, "Process simulation: Your job is still safe...for now

October, 2005, "DCS engineering help is just around the world"

August, 2005, User interfaces should empower operators

June, 2005, Stay Out of Trouble With Process Analyzers, page 73

May, 2005, "Can integration keep your processing plant safe?"

March, 2005, "Save time and money with field calibrators"

Feb., 2005, "Hanging it all together"

Dec., 2004, "Fine tuning the multivariable way"

Sept., 2004, "RFID: Coming to a Plant Near You"

Control Design

February, 2006, "X-Y motion: Meters to nanometers"

January, 2006, "Advances in AC drive technology"

January, 2006, "Analog I/O: connected but safely isolated"

November, 2005, "Vision Takes Control"

May, 2005, "Superior Air Power"

March, 2005, "OEM collaboration aids machine control design"

Sept., 2004, "You've got the power—pick one"

Industrial Networking

Spring, 2006, "Network training, tips and techniques

Summer, 2005, "What's Your Taste in Ethernet?"

April, 2005, "Who should provide your network support?"

Winter, 2004, "Real choices for real-time networks"


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